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About us

MAX's Mission

Our mission is to earn, on a daily basis, the respect and trust of those we serve in the academic, research, government, scientific, and business communities within the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States by designing and deploying an innovative high performance networking architecture that enables a range of advanced digital communication services and application flows.

We were created to support a wide range of discipline specific advanced research applications requiring persistent high performance and high bandwidth networking.

MAX demonstrates leadership by providing a multi-layer, robust, service infrastructure for research and production purposes, initiating and facilitating regional collaboration, anticipating evolving participant mission requirements, and disseminating knowledge and technical experience through outreach activities.

MAX is based upon the premise that at the core, the foundation and enabling technology for research, education, and scientific discovery will be high performance, broadband optical networks and that our community will continue to drive and be the bellwethers for advanced networking for the foreseeable future.

MAX Staff


MAX Participants

Federal Labs and Government Agencies:

Higher Education:

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