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GENI Aggregate Manager (MAX)

The aggregate manager software being developed by the MANFRED project is a Java-based reference implementation that provides a Web Services API (WSDL) to clients. It is intended to be deployed in Apache Tomcat as an Axis2 service. For additional details, please refer to the following pages:

PlanetLab MyPLC & SFA (GENIWrapper) (Princeton)

We have developed some wiki pages documenting our experiences in the deployment the PlanetLab's MyPLC and SFA (GENIWrapper) software developed at Princeton:

This page was primarily intended for our own reference, however, it quickly proved useful to other researchers who were deploying this software. It has evolved into a how-to guide for bringing up the whole system from scratch, but also covers some advanced topics. We believe it serves as a practical introduction to PlanetLab's virtualization technology and hope that others may continue to find it useful.

Guide to Building and Operating a GENI DCN AM

There is a base guide in geni-aggregate/AggregateWS/README from source distribution. Below is a wiki page dedicated to building a MAX style GENI AM from scratch. It uses ION AM as example to provide step-by-step instructions on installation and configuration of a GENI AM to cover a DCN aggregate / domain.

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