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-- TomLehman - 01 Aug 2012

Network Stitching Architecture Discussions

Initial thoughts on a UNIS based GENI Topology Service:

  • i) pull all DCN topologies from PerfSonar Topology Service once every hour
  • ii) convert above to UNIS schema and store
  • iii) pull all GENI AM Advertisements direct from all GENI Aggregate Managers once every hour
  • iv) convert above to UNIS schema and store
  • v) be able to identify when you get duplicate topologies from i and iii above. This will happen sometimes because there may be a GENI AM API "covering" a DCN (OSCARS) IDC
  • vi) Allow queries to the UNIS based "GENI Topology Service" of the following type:
    • query for a specific GENI aggregate id and get back an Advertisement RSpec with w/Stitching Extension
    • query on a DCN domain id and get back the Topology description file in current PerfSonar Topology Service Format
    • query on either of the above and get back the native UNIS Topology description format
    • allow a single query to get back all the domain/aggregate topologies with one query in any of the formats desired

Below are slides and drawings from GENI Stitching Architecture discussions which were discussed during GENI Architecture Group telecons in May 2012.

GENI Network Stitching, Overview and Status Slides:

  • geni network stitching workflow a:
    geni network stitching workflow a

  • geni network stitching global view:
    geni network stitching global view

  • geni network stitching racks instageni:
    geni network stitching racks instageni

  • geni network stitching racks exogeni:
    geni network stitching racks exogeni

  • geni network stitching multiple links per port:
    geni network stitching multiple links per port

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