-- TomLehman - 2013-11-12

MAXREGIONAL.S5.b: Update the MAX Aggregate Manager to keep up to date with latest GENI AM APIs in use by other GENI Aggregates and GENI Experimenter tools.


As part of SFA bug fixes and upgrades we have develop an MAX AM configuration which no longer requires MyPLC and the associated Postgres database. The result is the MAX AM software now only relies on the SFA component from the PlanetLab software base. We have deployed this system on the MAX Infrastructure. A similar configuration will be deployed on the ION AM before the next GEC.

The upgrade of the MAX Aggregate Manager software to support the version of PlanetLab SFA (v3.x) software that includes GENI AM APIv3 remains unchanged during this reporting period. This required an upgrade of the base Fedora OS, and required some adaptations of the MAX Aggregate Manager software as well. These changes do enable the MAX AM to support the GENI AM APIv3. We do not think SFA GENI AM APIv3 version provides backward compatibility with GENI AM APIv2. However, we are not clear if this will be added in a future revision. We will check with PlanetLab team regarding this before the next GEC. If there is no backward compatibility, we will likely need to run two instances of the GENI AM API during a transition period.

We have evaluated the possibility of switching the MAX AM to be a FOAM or GRAM based as opposed to SFA. However, with the recent removal of MyPLC requirement, we do not feel this is an urgent need at this time. We are planning to further evaluate this during the next reporting period.

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