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-- TomLehman - 2013-11-12

GENIStitch.S5.b: GENIStitch.S5b: Extend RSpec Enhancements and SCS to support the extended stitching capabilities. Demonstrate multi-aggregate, multi-point, multi-path stitching capabilities at GEC20. Deliver revised architecture and design document to the GENI Project Manager one week prior to GEC20.


We have updated the architecture and design document for GENI stitching to reflect the comments and inputs from the previous version. A summary of the comments and interest areas that we noted from the email reviews of the previous version of this document are as follows:

  • A priority for the next couple of GECs is to make stitching more reliable and feature rich
  • Evaluate further the concepts for GENI Stitching Exchange Points and the Stitching as a Service
  • Help push stitching support for AL2S AM
  • Help push support and implementation for VLAN negotiation
  • Define and implement features to make SCS more automated/monitored.
We have updated the GENI Multi-Technology and Multi-Point Layer-2 Stitching Architecture and Design document to reflect these comments and also included some other updates.

We have generated the following document:

  • GENI Multi-Technology and Multi-Point Layer-2 Stitching Architecture and Design, version 4
It is available on the MAX GENI Wiki at this location:
  • wiki.maxgigapop.net/twiki/bin/view/GENI/Milestone-genistitch-s5b ===> GENI Enhanced Stitching Architecture and Design
or direct via:

This document provides a vision for how GENI Stitching can be enhanced and covers the topics as noted below. Based on comments to the previous version of this document, as noted above, and discussions at GEC20, we are planning to focus on the more practical and immediate needs for SCS and stitching. A summary of these immediate focus areas is provided in a new section “Stitching and SCS Near Term Focus Areas”. This new section is the only change to this document as compared to the previous version.

This document provide a vision for how GENI Stitching can be enhanced and covers the following topics:

  • Multi-Technology Multi-Layer Stitching
    • Stitching with Layer-3 and Layer-2 Tunnels
    • VXLAN and NVGRE Stitching
    • OpenFlow Stitching
    • Support for Arbitrary Layers
  • Multi-Point Layer-2 Stitching
    • Model and RSpec Schema
    • MP-L2 Stitching Functions
  • General Stitching Requests and SCS Extension
    • Advanced Stitching Architecture Considerations
    • GENI Stitching Exchange Points
  • Stitching and SCS Near Term Focus Areas

As a result of this feedback and discussions, the following Stitching and SCS task areas are identified in the “Stitching and SCS Near Term Focus Areas” section of the above document.

  • Work with Internet2 to complete implementation and testing of point-to-point stitching paths across AL2S using their Aggregate Manager (FOAM/OESS based).
  • Work with Internet to design, implement, and test multi-point stitching across AL2S using their Aggregate Manager (FOAM/OESS based).
  • Further evaluate concepts, designs, and possible benefits for a Stitching Service and/or Stitching Exchange Points
  • Review status of ProtoGENI support for VLAN negotiation via AM APIv3 and help with testing of that feature as it becomes available
  • Evaluate overall SCS and Stitching design and proposes features to increase level of monitoring, automation, and general ease of use and configuration.
  • Develop designs, and implementations where possible, to enable user and user tools to determine what options are available for inter-aggregate connections. This should include options based on GRE, eGRE, VLAN based Stitching, and the Virtual Topology Service (VTS).
We were not able to demonstrate multi-point stitched topologies at GEC20. However, we hope to be able to do so across AL2S by GEC21. This will depend on Internet2 for implementation and testing support.

We continued working with Internet2 on their implementation of AL2S based stitching. This included defining the proper formats for AL2S Advertisement and Request Rspec, and describing how they should be constructed and processed. Internet2 AL2S stitching was working in a prototype fashion for GEC20. This included the ability to stitch between two sites directly connected to AL2S as well as for a path where one site is connected to Internet2 ION. One issue noted that will require further fixes by Internet2 is addition of an ability to process more then one stitched path per Request RSpec.

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