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DRAGON Xnet demo

Overall description

With the emergence of dynamic hybrid networks, e-science now has the raw materials to create new instruments for exploring the universe and new models and environments for international collaboration. At SC06, the NSF DRAGON Project, in collaboration with SCinet and the XNet program, will demonstrate the integration of hybrid network services with scientific instruments, computation and storage facilities, high resolution video and visualization environments, and other cyber resources to create powerful new concepts in globally distributed applications.

Utilizing technology developed by DRAGON and its collaborating partners and colleagues, the demonstration will show how sophisticated and highly customized networks can be established dynamically and on demand to meet the needs of specific research teams and/or science programs. The DRAGON demonstration will dynamically establish application specific networks to incorporate end systems in several booths within the Tampa Convention Center. Further, these application specific networks will link to facilities in Japan, Europe, and across the US to create a /dedicated/ distributed environments for scientific collaboration.

This demonstration will combine hybrid network infrastructure from the US, Japan, and Europe, GMPLS network control software and middleware developed by DRAGON, and applications in the areas of electronic very long baseline interferometry (E-VLBI) and high resolution video distribution. Unlike previous XNET technologies, this demonstration does not focus on pure transport capacity of a network link or switch. Instead, it demonstrate an ability to establish entire network topologies dynamically that exhibit deterministic, predictable, and repeatable performance characteristics. The GMPLS enabled network will show multi-domain, multi-layer service provisioning at layer2 and the lambda layer. The Application Specific Topologies middleware developed by DRAGON will demonstrate XML (web services) based network descriptions being instantiated automatically end to end and across the world..

Within the SC06 venue, the demonstration can be seen first hand by visiting the participating organization's booths: Xnet (booth 1848), NASA (booth 917), ADVA Networks (booth 1542), Internet2 (booth 1451), and NICT (Osaka University, booth 443).

  • Additional information by JerrySobieski: Microsoft Word file doc — Summary of Demonstration Plans for Supercomputing 2006


  • Detailed Xnet demo diagram: PDF [ pdf ]   GIF [ visio ]

Xnet demo diagram rev. 2

  • Comments:
    • Movaz MD-ROADM, Movaz RayExpressII OADM, Raptor ER-1010 and VLSR PC to be located in the SCinet NOC (booth 1545)
      • far right rack in the NOC
      • see below for power and rack requirements


SCinet Requirements

  • some space in the staging area during setup week, starting 11/06
    • for fibering/powering/pre-configuring the Movaz gear
      • ROADM/RE2 software upgrades — should be taken care of already (8.111 RE2 / 7.301 ROADM)
      • IP addressing
      • GMPLS OCT testing, VLSR inter-op

  • commodity drops
    • NASA - order confirmed by ChrisTracy
    • Internet2 - order confirmed by ChrisTracy
    • Xnet - order confirmed by ChrisTracy
    • NICT/Osaka - not ordered
    • Adva booth - not ordered

  • SCinet NOC to catwalk fibers (for HD camera over Evertz boxes) — talk to Mitch Kutzko when we arrive at setup
    • take a look at the Tx/Rx specs for the Evertz optical components
    • ask Mitch what the length of the run is
    • input power is -18 to -3 dBm, launch power is ???

  • booth-to-booth dark fibers
    • SCinet NOC (booth 1545) to NASA (booth 917) — order confirmed by ChrisTracy — spool ID: E2507 & E2508 (2 booth-to-SCinet dark fibers)
    • SCinet NOC (booth 1545) to Xnet (booth 1848) — order confirmed by ChrisTracy — spool ID: E2477
    • SCinet NOC (booth 1545) to NICT/Osaka University (booth 443) — order confirmed by ChrisTracy — spool ID: trivial
    • SCinet NOC (booth 1545) to Internet2 (booth 1451) — order confirmed by ChrisTracy — spool ID: E2493 (DF-A booth-to-SCinet)
    • SCinet NOC (booth 1545) to ADVA (booth 1542) — order confirmed by ChrisTracy — spool ID: trivial
  • power in the SCinet NOC (booth 1545)
    • DC power
      • 1 MD-ROADM — approximately 3.5A
      • 1 RayExpressII OADM — approximately 2A
    • AC power
      • 1 Raptor ER-1010 switch — standard 15A plug, 1-2A power consumption
      • 1 Supermicro PC — standard 15A plug, 1-2A power consumption
    • ChrisTracy e-mailed Bill Wing and Paul Love on Thu Sep 21 regarding power in the NOC
    • As of Mon Oct 2, the plan is to provide our own DC supply in the SCinet NOC, so we will only require AC power from SCinet
      • otherwise, we will have to wait for Paul Love or Bill Wing to hook up our DC power
  • Rack space in the SCinet NOC (booth 1545)
    • 2U for DC rectifier
    • 1U for GMT fuse panel
    • 11U for Movaz MD-ROADM
    • 1U for Movaz RayExpressII filters
    • 5U for Movaz RayExpressII OADM shelf
    • 1U for Raptor ER-1010 10-GigE switch
    • 1U for VLSR PC
    • NOTE: 19" rack preferred, but we have 23" convertors available if needed
    • ChrisTracy e-mailed Ralph McEldowney and Tracey Wilson on Thu Sep 21 regarding NOC rack space
    • Ralph McEldowney e-mailed ChrisTracy on Fri Sep 29 confirming that we will have 22U of rack space reserved in the SCinet NOC
    • As of Sun Nov 4, we will have rack #2 from the left. fiber patching is all in rack #3, just to the right of us.
  • SCinet NOC inter-connects
    • dark fiber booth drops
      • SCinet will provide the SC-LC patches to our rack
    • 10-GigE from Raptor/VLSR in SCinet NOC to SCinet Force10 E1200 switch, where the AtlanticWave 10-GigE WAN link (ckt ID: SC-06) terminates
      • ChrisTracy e-mailed Linda Winkler and Tracey Wilson on Thu Sep 21 regarding AtlanticWave termination point
      • On Sat Sep 30, Linda Winkler confirmed that AtlanticWave (SC-06) would land on the SCinet Force10 E1200
      • SCinet will provide the SC-LC patch to our rack

Equipment Requirements

  • ADVA/Movaz Loaner Equipment:
    • PowerPoint [ powerpoint ] — ADVA/Movaz DWDM optical network topology and equipment details
    • 1 Movaz MD-ROADM, 4 degrees, short reach MOLDs
    • 4 Movaz RayExpressII OADM shelves, each shelf containing:
      • qty. 1 intermediate-reach OLD
      • qty. 1 10G transponder — CH20
      • qty. 2 2.5G transponder — CH47 and CH49
      • qty. 2 EWM for alien waves
        • required filters: CH36 193.60 (1548.51nm) and CH38 193.80 (1546.92nm)
        • we only need a total of 4 EWM cards (not 8), we will only have 4 DWDM XFPs

  • Raptor 10G switches:
    • 4 loaner Raptor ER-1010 switches
      • switch port config: 3x10-GigE, 12xSFP GigE, 12x10/100/1000bT
      • Bob Yates from Raptor will be providing these switches
      • He also provided 12 1310nm LR XFPs + 12 1310nm LR SFPs
    • 2 new purchased Raptor ER-1010 switches by DRAGON/MAX
      • switch port config: 6x10-GigE, 12xSFP GigE, 12x10/100/1000bT

  • Essex DWDM XFPs:
    • Update as of Fri Oct 20: Essex to possibly provide either 193.5/193.6/193.8 THz loaners DWDM XFPs for SC06
      • problem with the 80km order has caused the ship date to slip to late November for the 80km DWDM XFPs that we ordered
    • Update as of Sun Nov 4: Essex will provide 2 CH35 XFPs loaners, no confirmation on when we will get them yet

  • 8 additional Aberdeen PCs provided by MAX
    • these PCs have arrived at MAX
      • one PC used for clpk-es1
      • one PC shipped to Tampa

  • DC rectifiers and GMT fuse panels
    • Tue Sep 26 — Adva/Movaz to provide 5 DC rectifiers plus 5 GMT fuse panels
      • Dan Orejuela confirmed details on Fri Sep 29:
      • 130-1056-02 SHELF ASSY, RECTIFIER, 2U, 2-NP0800 (2x 800W modules)
      • holds up to 3 rectifiers horizontally and is 2 Rack Units high (3.5")
      • Power Cables are the standard 3 prong AC, one for each rectifier module.
      • GMT fuse panels are 1U

  • Rack space for each booth
    • ADVA/Movaz can provide a rack for the ADVA/Movaz booth — confirmed Thu Sep 26 on Movaz conf. call
    • NASA should be able to provide a rack for the NASA booth — confirmed Wed Sep 25 on NASA conf. call
    • ChrisTracy shipped MAX road case for the Internet2 booth
    • ChrisTracy shipped MAX road case for the Xnet booth

  • HD Video demo:
    • HD cameras
      • MAX has shipped the JVC ProHD camera to Tampa
    • HD displays
      • MAX has 5 Samsung SyncMaster 244T HD LCDs for use in each booth
      • 3 sent to Tampa in the road cases so far, 2 more left to be sent
    • UltraGrid send/receive servers
      • TomLehman is working on the details
      • sources: GSFC HD deck, SC06 Blu-ray DVD, SC06 HD camera
      • receivers: 5 booths at SC06

Space Requirements (for each booth)

  • Internet2 booth:
    • ChrisTracy to ship one of MAX's road case to the Internet2 booth
      • The Case's Outside Dimensions are:
        • 29.75" Left to Right
        • 38.50" Front to Back
        • 59.125" Top to Bottom (plus 6.75" for the casters)
        • road case provides 30U of rack space
        • a table can optionally go on the side, this requires about 30" x 60" extra space (the roadcase lid doubles as a table)

  • NASA booth:
    • rack space in the rack they are supplying

  • Xnet booth:
    • ChrisTracy to ship one of MAX's road case to the Xnet booth
      • The Case's Outside Dimensions are:
        • 29.75" Left to Right
        • 38.50" Front to Back
        • 59.125" Top to Bottom (plus 6.75" for the casters)
        • road case provides 30U of rack space
        • a table can optionally go on the side, this requires about 30" x 60" extra space (the roadcase lid doubles as a table)

  • SCinet NOC:
    • rack space in the NOC, detailed above under SCinet requirements
    • we are in rack #2, the second from the left

  • Adva/Movaz booth:
    • rack space in the rack they are supplying

Mailing List

HD video application details

  • Ultragrid equipment list and demo plans...
    • Tom Lehman is currently working on this

Press Release

  • Xnet / SCinet press release is planned for September 25, 2006
    • Jerry has been coordinating this with Paul Love and Rod Wilson
    • this should eventually be posted on the public SCinet Xnet page, see the External Links section below for the link

Showfloor DWDM Wavelength Plan

ch qty wavelength description optical path
21 4 1560.61 nm Adva loaners 10G CH21 XPDRs  
31 2 1552.52 nm BillBabson loaner CH31 10G XPDRs  
35 2 1549.32 nm BillBabson loaner CH35 OADMs + EWMs + SFPs  
35 2 1549.32 nm Essex loaners 10G DWDM XFPs (alien wave)  
41 2 1544.53 nm DRAGON's CH41 2.5G XPDRs for HDTV/SMPTE292 Camera/Evertz in Catwalk -- SC06-NOC-RE -- SC06-NOC-ROADM -- XNET-RE
47 4 1539.77 nm Adva loaners 2.5G CH47 XPDRs  
49 4 1538.19 nm Adva loaners 2.5G CH49 XPDRs  


  • http://www.freightquote.com -- 1-800-323-5441 x1238 (Ashley)
    • Road case 'A' contents:
      • toolbox
      • socket set
      • 19"/23" adapters
      • GMT fuses
      • 3 HD LCDs (Samsung 244T)
      • 1 Aberdeen 1U PC (no OS installed)
      • rack rails for 8 Aberdeen PCs
      • fluorescent light
      • case combo = 6 6 2
    • Road case 'B' contents:
      • Exfo FTB-400 optical spectrum analyzer
      • JVC ProHD HD camera + accessories (2xAJA HD10A, 2 sets of component video cables plus RCA/BNC adapters, 2 power supplies)
      • tripod + fluid head
      • Dewalt drill
      • Bose sound system
      • Evertz boxes + power supplies
      • Miscellaneous: power strips, power cords, tape gun, extra tape
      • 2 Aberdeen 1U PCs (no OS installed)
      • 1 Dell 5324 (in Supermicro box)
      • 1 CH41 XPDR (in Supermicro box) for HDTV transport
      • 10U 19"/23" adapters
      • rack screws
      • DC power wire (thin)
      • case combo = 6 6 2
    • going to Freeman warehouse in Orlando, to be delivered to SCinet staging area during setup week
      • Freeman shipping label for SCinet staging area: PDF [ .pdf ]
    • attach shipping labels/bill of lading/tracking numbers/etc here

  • Adva ROADM + 4 RE2s:
    • being shipped from Atlanta to main Fedex warehouse in Tampa:
      • 5101 West Waters Avenue, Tampa, FL 33634
      • scheduled to arrive on 11/08 (ships from Atlanta on 11/07)

  • shipped Mon Nov 6 by BillBabson:
    • FedEx tracking # 790601505874
    • fiber accessories bag (microscope/cleaning/light source/attenuators/barrels/etc)
    • received in Tampa by ChrisTracy

  • shipped Tue Nov 7 by Essex Corp:
    • FedEx tracking # 792879403392
    • 2xCH35 DWDM XFPs (40km)
    • being sent to MAX, should arrive Weds Nov 8
    • please include with the final shipment to Tampa

  • As of Sun Nov 4, still left to ship:
    • ship to Fedex warehouse? or directly to show?
    • 8 Ultragrid PCs
      • need packing materials
    • 6 VLSRs and end systems
      • we have the original boxes at MAX
    • 5-(6?) Raptor switches
      • we have the original boxes at MAX
    • 2 HD LCDs
      • we have the original boxes at MAX
    • label maker
    • Blu-ray DVD player
    • Blu-ray DVD discs
    • tapes for HD camera — look in the top desk drawer in Allison's old office (to record some showfloor footage for future video work)
    • Miranda 875 picolink + power supply
    • not necessarily needed -- AJA and HD component cables
      • 2 sets have already been shipped to Tampa, may need the extras back at home
    • 20ft DVI-DVI cables from Dell
      • have they arrived at MAX yet??
    • keyboards/mice/KVM switch/KVM cables
    • fiber patches
      • 16 LC-LC SMF patches (short ones)
      • SC-LC SMF patches (at least 8 -- 6 needed if SCinet delivers SC connectors, 2 needed for SysKonnent cards)
      • SC-SC SMF patches
      • MMF patches??
        • Tom's GigE cards will probably require MMF
        • there is a clear box containing a bunch of MMF, send the whole thing to Tampa...
    • coax video cables
    • SFP/XFP pluggable optics
    • 1 CH41 2.5G XPDR + OADM filter (can we find another CH41 filter??)
    • 2 CH31 10G XPDRs + OADM filters (loaners from BillBabson)
    • 2 CH35 SFPs + OADM filters + EWMs (loaners from BillBabson)
    • 2 CH35 DWDM XFPs from Essex (arrive via Fedex on Weds Nov 8)

  • Shipping back to MAX:
    • Freeman is handling our materials, we do not necessarily know which carrier they will use
    • our PRO #s are:
      • 154693-257 (shipment from Xnet booth 1848)
      • 154693-258 (shipment from I2 booth 1451)

Handouts and Posters

  • The DRAGON team will work on creating materials to be handed out during the demo.
  • Xnet-sign.ppt: SCinet Xnet logo by JerrySobieski

AtlanticWave details

  • DRAGON demo timeslots:
    • 13-Nov: 9:30am-11:30am, 5pm-8pm
    • 14-Nov: 11am-1pm, 4pm-6pm, 7pm-8pm
    • 15-Nov: 11am-1pm, 4pm-6pm, 7pm-8pm
    • 16-Nov: 11am-1pm, 3pm-4pm

  • VLAN ID details:
    • VLANs 610-619 will be used for DRAGON demos, all 10 VLANs will be configured between McLean, VA and SC06/Tampa
    • many other VLANs are being setup for other demos/booths
      • Spreadsheet showing demos, timeslots, VLANs, booths and demo contacts
      • Diagram showing Layer 2 switching requirements from SCinet's E1200 for supporting AtlanticWave: PDF [ pdf ]

Misc. Logistics

  • How to find the SCinet staging area:
    • go in the main door of the TCC, off Franklin Street (there's a big sign that says "Tampa Convention Center"), at Franklin and Channelside. As soon as you go in the doors, turn right and go back by the vending machines and the ATM, and you'll see the door for Staging. Ralph McEldowney will be back there and can get you a badge then if you don't already have one.

  • SCinet staging area phone number: 352.273.1050

  • some Japanese: "hisashiburi dess ne!" - long time, no see (he - sa - she - boor - e dez ne)

External Links

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