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Internet2 Dynamic Circuit Network (DCN) Workshop #5 and #6

Designing and Engineering Dynamic Circuit Network:
A Hands-On Workshop GMPLS Control Plane for the Research and Education Networking Environment

January 18-19, 2008
January 24-25, 2008

University of Hawaii, East-West Center
Honolulu, Hawaii

Overall description

This two-day workshop provides attendees with a working knowledge of how to design and deploy a GMPLS-based dynamic circuit services network and how to connect the GMPLS-based network to DCN with internet2. The workshop will provide an overview of GMPLS architecture, RSVP and OSPF protocols, control plane design concepts, and specifics of dynamic circuit services network engineering as relates to campus, regional, and national network facilities in the R&E community. Upon completion of this workshop, attendees will be able to design and implement a GMPLS-based network.

The attendees will design and implement a real layer 2 (Ethernet) Dynamic Circuit Services Testbed using the open source DRAGON GMPLS Software Suite. At the workshop, participants will have necessary network hardware and software to construct a working network that allows end systems to allocate dedicated VLAN network resources across multiple administrative domains.

The attendees will also configure OSCARS which introduce authentication and scheduling capabilities to DCN and enable inter-domain topology exchange.

Workshop materials

DCN Hands-On Workshop — presentation slides

  • PowerPoint   Powerpoint: PPT — animation included

  • PDF   Full text: PDF — no animation

Addressing plan for GRE tunnels and TE links

  • Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet   Excel spreadsheet: XLS

  • PDF   Full text: PDF

Lab exercises for workshop

  • Microsoft Word file   Word document: DOC

  • PDF   Full text: PDF

Configuration files


  • Compressed Zip archive   Please note that the workshop material is based on the 0.2 release. Please check DCN Software page for the latest stable release. Procedure for installing IDC may be changed in later releases, please check the installation file accordingly.


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