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Application Specific Topology Builder (ASTB)


ASTB provides an API which is utilized by applications to request network services. Applications can use this API to request a dynamic path set up across an DRAGON enabled network. This API includes a simple message set to allow an application to request a dedicated network path between a specified source/destination pair identified by IPv4 addresses. In future releases, the ASTB will provide a more general "topology builder" functionality. This will allow an application to request a topology to be built which consists of multiple point to point LSPs in a user specified configuration. This release includes the first building block of that larger vision by allowing a single LSP specification per request.

The interface to the ASTB API is via XML/SOAP objects using HTTP as transport. The application may be another computer program or a web browser driven by human interaction. This release of the DRAGON Software Suite includes both the standard message set API as well as a web browser control interface. The ASTB also utilizes the ESA API to translate user requests into end-system protocol provisioning actions.

Source Code

The ASTB code is incorporated into the DRAGON software releases. Please see the GMPLS Control Plane Software page maintained by University of Southern California (USC) Information Sciences Institute (ISI) East to download the latest stable release.

Code Development Documentation

Documents will be updated at least every month for development in the ASTB project

Mailing Lists

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