ARCHSTONE (Advanced Resource Computation for Hybrid Service and TOpology NEtworks) Project

The goals of the ARCHSTONE project are to develop technologies which enable resource computation and provisioning across next-generation multi-layer network architectures. The overall goal is to dynamically create “slices” of resources across multiple network layers in a vertically integrated manner, so as to generate virtual network topologies, circuits, and/or partitions to support various services in a flexible fashion. A key focus will be development of an enabling technology known as a “Multi-layer/Multi-dimensional Topology Computation Element” (MX-TCE). This entity will effectively serve as a highly-advanced path computation element which extends the concept of simple path computation to multi-layer, multi-dimensional topologies.

The ARCHSTONE project is a collaboration amongst the following institutions and organizations:


We are extremely grateful to the Department of Energy for supporting this project.

Advanced Scientific Computing Research (ASCR)


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