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Multi-X Topology Computation Element (MX-TCE)

The MX-TCE software is a multi-process, multi-thread software. It is written with both JAVA and C++. The WS Server process is JAVA based. This provides the convenience to implement Web Services and WS-Security features. The MX-TCE core process is C++ based. This provides the speed to perform computation intensive tasks. The MX-TCE core includes both a private binary API and an OSCARSv0.6 PCE based API to exchange messages with client applications.

MX-TCE request client API:

Example MX-TCE demo run:

   cd mxtce-sw/java/tceApiClient; ./bin/test.sh demo1.yaml mxtce-host mxtce-port

Network Service Interface (NSI)

The ARCHSTONE architecture defines a Network Service Interface as the interface between applications and user and the network. We have defined the initial NSI via an extension of the PCE API. To assist in our development we have worked with the StoreNet/VNOD application. The initial NSI API is defined via the following documents.

Topology Schema

ARCHSTONE propose to extend the Network Mark-up Language Control Plane Topology (NML-CtrlpTopo) schema in support of both MLN/MRN topology advertisement and NSI service topology description. The current NML-CtrlpTopo schema can be found here: nmtopo-ctrlp.xsd. Our approach is to minimize the changes and reuse the existing NML schemas elements as much as we can. The hope is that the extended schema will be adopted by existing software, e.g. OSCARS, that use the schema for their future upgrades.

Full version of the design document:

The latest XSD revision:

Example uses for Network Advertisement and Path Control:

Example uses for Service Topology (Request and Reply):

Proposal for encapsulating Request and Service Topology in OSCARS PCE SOAP messages:

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