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-- XiYang - 2011-09-30

NML ARCHSTONE Revision - Example Uses for Service Topology

Example 1a: Point2Point Service Topology (Request)

  • Topology NML: serviceTopoP2P.xml
  • Features:
    • <nextNodeId> to describe wildcard connectivity.
    • Multiple <lifetime> plus <relation> to describe arbitrary list of time windows
    • 'operator=or' relation provides a 'I-am-flexible' negotiation
    • 'multipath=alternate#5' relation provides a 'Give-me-options" negotiation
    • Using <minimumReservableCapacity>, <maximumReservableCapacity> and <granularity> link parameters provides bandwidth negotation (either 'I-am-flexible' or 'Give-me-options')
    • When bandwidth is combined with duration, a fixed data size (transfer volume) constraint can be formed with flexible bandwidth and duration

Example 1b: Point2Point Service Topology (Reply)

Example 2a: Simple-MultiPoint Service Topology (Request)

  • Topology NML: serviceTopoSimpleMP.xml
  • Features:
    • Describe a topology with multiple paths that coexist but not connected / bridged
    • 'multipath=concurrent' relation tells that the multiple paths in request topology have to co-exist.
  • For a Requet Topology containing only p2p path(s), the domain/node/port/link hierarchical representation can be reduced. Only <path> and <relation> elements are needed: serviceTopoSimpleMP_reduced.xml

Example 2b: Simple-MultiPoint Service Topology (Reply )

Example 3: Bridged-MultiPoint Service Topology (Request)

  • Topology NML: serviceTopoBridgedMP.xml
  • Use Case: MP VLAN connectivity in cloud / virtulization environments. OSCARS OpenFlow PSS can use this to automate per-project L2 networking in a cloud infrastructure.
  • Features:
    • Describe a topology with multi-endpoints bridged on some node
    • 'bridge=l2van' relation defines a L2 VLAN bridging.
    • The related reference IDs include a node and multiple edge links

Example 4: Meshed-MultiPoint Service Topology (Request)

  • Topology NML: serviceTopoMeshedMP.xml
  • Use Case: Create full-meshed LSPs / PWs with attached VLAN for VPLS service.
  • Features:
    • Similar to Bridged-MultiPoint and describe a full meshed topology
    • Mutlple L2 VLAN bridging relations are defined for mutliple nodes
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