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-- XiYang - 2011-09-27

General ANI Testbed Access

ARCHSTONE uses the ANI testbed as a platform to experiment and evaluate MLN/MRN topology description, path computation and signaling.

Topology of the ANI equipment is shown in the diagram below, where the green area shows ARCHSTONE experiment coverage.


A VPN connection is required to access the ANI testbed. Here is the instructions on the VPN access:

ARCHSTONE Testing Environment on ANI

ARCHSTONE project claims the following VM hosts to run its network control software.

  • newy-app-vm-10 ani-mxtce
  • newy-app-vm-11 ani-ion
  • bnl-app-vm-10 ani-archstone
  • bnl-app-vm-11 ani-esnet

You may find it handy to put the above lines in your /etc/hosts. After the VPN is connected, you can access the VMs using your sshkey.

For example, ssh -l xyang ani-archstone or ssh -l rootxy ani-archstone. The latter gives you root access.


  • 4G memory
  • OSCARS v6 trunk installed under /usr/local/oscars-0.6-trunk
  • mxtce-sw installed under /usr/local/mxtce-sw
  • OSCARS v6 is patched with tcePCE module from mxtce-sw
  • support tests with mxtce client apps such as TeraPaths
  • ani-ion and ani-esnet:

  • 512M memory
  • OSCARS v5 trunk installed under /usr/local/oscars
  • simulated ION and ESnet domains with production topology files and stub-mode EoMPLS PSS
  • ION and ESnet IDCs peer with each other
  • mxtce-sw installed under /usr/local/mxtce-sw
  • Running /usr/local/mxtce-sw utils/pollOscarsResvsV5.pl to sync OSCARS DB reservations with mxtce running on ani-mxtce
  • ani-archstone:

  • 4G memory
  • Reserved for ARCHSTONE MLN/MRN development tests
  • Will control the actual ANI equipment
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